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When Man or Woman Meets Dragon...

Posted by Michael Strawson on

Compliant UK set a challenge to Salisbury’s fastest workers at the Federation of Small Business Trade Fair Wednesday 20th April 2016, Guildhall Square, Salisbury.

The slow pace of change in administrative working practices is still largely down to the ‘It’s how we’ve always done it’ standpoint.

Key decision makers are focused on, well, key decisions for the furtherance of the business while administration managers are usually burdened with as much administration as their reports as well as managing their workflow, covering sick leave, structuring vacation time etc. etc. This common practise creates a business blind-spot in which resides a range of time-saving, productivity-boosting, cost-saving, health-promoting opportunities that every office or home based business could and should be benefiting from.

PC and Mac based speech recognition technology accessed by microphone, iPhone / Android phone and tablet or digital voice recorder now offers incredible speed and accuracy both in the office and remotely when compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse. Compliant UK deliver return on investment by assessing a customer’s existing workflow and coding custom voice commands which carry out multi-step processes to enable documents to be produced automatically and hands-free.

So how did the Dragon fare against Salisbury's volunteers?

The challenge was simple: replicate a letter using a PC, Microsoft Word, keyboard and mouse quicker than I, Michael Strawson, could do by voice. We put our money where our mouth is too, if anyone beat Dragon Professional Individual v14 they would win a copy and free installation, integration, custom voice command writing and training to allow them to hit the ground running with their new way of working.

The result was clear: None of the 5 competitors were able to type more than 60 words out of the 248 word document in the time it took Michael to complete it.  Michael using Dragon completed the entire document including bullets, bold, underlined and a text colour change, plus an image of his signature at the end in 1.39 minutes.

The call to action: We have incredible computing power in our office PC’s and smart phones yet we are still tapping away on a QWERTY keyboard designed 147 years ago.

If you'd like a FREE demo and workflow assessment from which you will get a report outlining the areas where significant time, productivity and cost savings will be made email us at or call 01722 790049.

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