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Dragon Professional Indvidual + Philips DPM8000 digital recorder (£429.00 Exc. VAT)

Compliant UK

  • £61920

NEW Dragon Professional Individual speech recognition boosts productivity by delivering quick, easy & accurate dictation and transcription with custom options to streamline your workflow.  Free up admin time and do more business!  

We have paired Dragon's newest individual productivity tool with the excellent Philips DPM8000 digital recorder.  Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers the best audio quality in any recording situation. Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods. The DPM8000 achieved the highest possible recognition accuracy score when tested by Nuance for use with Dragon so delivers highly accuracte transcriptions of your recordings.  Some more on the DPM8000::

  Philips DPM8000 Full Features

  • Included Accessories:
    SpeechExec Pro Dictate Software
    DPMconnect4Mac Software
    ACC8120 Docking Station
    4GB SD Memory Card
    ACC8100 Rechargeable Battery
    USB Cable
    Instruction Manual

Record your day's work, place the DPM8000 in it's docking station and Dragon's AutoTranscribe Agent creates seperate documents from each recording automaticaly.  
  • Spend less time creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and form filling.
  • Free time to focus on your strategic business priorities.
  • Increase the content quality and accuracy of your work.
  • Eradicate typing from your workflow.
  • Already integrated to work directly within most commonly used applications.
  • Quickly adapts to your specific vocabulary.
  • Insert frequently used text or graphics through simple 'AutoText' feature
  • Windows 10 certified & full support for Office 2016.
  • *Save further time by automating mulit-step processes by creating new voice commands with Advanced Scripting (we can help).
  • Mobile flexibility - turn digital recordings of your voice into text from your DPM8000 digital recorder.
  • Auto-Transcribe Agent monitors a folder or folders (can include a mapped Google Drive etc.) to automatically turn received recordings into text while you are away from your PC.  

*Dragon Professional Individual has advanced scripting capability used to create custom voice commands to carry out time consuming multi-step processes saving you further time.  Call or email to discuss the significant additional time savings our expertise can deliver. 01722 790049

Nuance Brief: Dragon Professional datasheet What's New

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