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Dragon Professional Group V15 for 51 to 150 users Upgrade (£123.79 exc. VAT price per user).

Dragon Professional Group V15 for 51 to 150 users Upgrade (£123.79 exc. VAT price per user).


  • £14855

NEW Dragon Professional Group speech recognition boosts productivity by delivering quick, easy & accurate dictation and transcription with custom options to streamline your organisation's workflow.

Select the number of users required using the quantity menu above (from 51 to 150 users in this pricing tier).  

Upgrade License for current users of Dragon Professional V14 or V14 only.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Reduces the time an organisation spends creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and form filling as well as voice enabling existing bespoke software to shorten workflows via custom coded commands.*
  • Increase the content quality and accuracy of work to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Eradicates typing from your organisation delivering ergonomic as well as economic benefits.
  • Already integrated to work directly within most commonly used applications.
  • Quickly adapts to an organisation's specific vocabulary.
  • Insert frequently used text or graphics through simple 'AutoText' feature.
  • Windows 10 certified & full support for Office 2016.
  • Network Deployment & Management.
  • Dragon Professional Group Supports installation on Citrix XenApp® or Citrix XenDesktop® servers, enabling users to dictate from workstations that do not have Dragon installed. OR:
  • Hot-Desking via Roaming Profiles.
  • Optional Nuance User Management Centre (NUMC) for transparent and effective Dragon License and Program management including updates, upgrades, vocabulary and command amendments.
  • Use iPhone or Android devices as a wireless microphones via free Nuance Remote Microphone app (microphones stocked specifically for Dragon if required).
  • Mobile flexibility - turn digital recordings made on phones or digital recorder into text.
  • Auto-Transcribe Agent monitors a folder or folders (can include a mapped Google Drive etc.) to automatically turn received recordings into text while authors are away from the office.  

*Dragon Professional Group has advanced scripting capability used to create custom voice commands to carry out time consuming multi-step processes saving further time.  Call or email to discuss the significant additional time savings our expertise can deliver. 01722 790049

Nuance Brief: Dragon Professional Group 

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