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Dragon Professional Individual V15 Upgrade (£138.33 exc. VAT)

Dragon Professional Individual V15 Upgrade (£138.33 exc. VAT)

Compliant UK

  • £16599

A next generation speech engine upgrade that leverages "Deep Learning" technology, Dragon Professional Individual 15 Upgrade speech recognition boosts productivity by delivering quick, easy & accurate dictation and transcription with custom options to streamline your workflow.  Free up admin time and do more business!  

Upgrade from Dragon Professional Individual 14 only.

*Available as single license software registered in the name of a single user.  Organisations with multiple dragon users go for Dragon Professional Group.*

  • Spend less time creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and form filling.
  • Free time to focus on your strategic business priorities.
  • Increase the content quality and accuracy of your work.
  • Eradicate typing from your workflow.
  • Already integrated to work directly within most commonly used applications.
  • Quickly adapts to your specific vocabulary.
  • Insert frequently used text or graphics through simple 'AutoText' feature
  • Windows 10 certified & full support for Office 2016.
  • *Save further time by automating mulit-step processes by creating new voice commands with Advanced Scripting (we can help).
  • Use your iPhone or Android device as a wireless microphone via free Nuance Remote Microphone app (microphones stocked specifically for Dragon if required).
  • Mobile flexibility - turn digital recordings of your voice into text from your phone or digital recorder.
  • Auto-Transcribe Agent monitors a folder or folders (can include a mapped Google Drive etc.) to automatically turn received recordings into text while you are away from your PC.  

What's New

*Dragon Professional Individual has advanced scripting capability used to create custom voice commands to carry out time consuming multi-step processes saving you further time.  Call or email to discuss the significant additional time savings our expertise can deliver. 01722 790049

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